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Dereck Redmond and Mr Banks

We were delighted to host a visit from the Commonwealth Champion and World Silver medallist Derek Redmond.

Derek was visiting Westleigh High School to speak to our students about his life, and to reinforce the message to students, which is EFFORT MATTERS!

Last year during an assembly, our students watched the famous video clip of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games, where Derek Redmond was representing Great Britain as a 400m runner.  Derek’s hamstring snapped during the race but he was determined to finish (with the help of his dad).

We therefore felt that Derek was the perfect person to visit in person to speak to our students about how “EFFORT MATTERS”–with the important message being reinforced “to try your best at everything you do; stay positive, don’t lose focus and most of all, don’t give up!”

Headteacher, Mr Banks states:

Derek’s motivational speech highlighted how through effort, determination and dedication, you can be rewarded.  His own athletic career clearly demonstrates how effort is the key to unlock success.  This is the second key sports figure who has visited Westleigh High School, (following Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff’ visit in April 2011).  Hopefully, through events like this, our students will be motivated to achieve personal success and continue to try their best.”