Year 8 – C.S.I Enrichment Day

The “C.S.I & Forensic Science” enrichment day was designed to give students an insight into forensic science techniques by taking part in 7 different activities across the course of the day.


Students were given the scenario whereby a murder had taken place in the science block and 5 members of the science department were under suspicion. At the end of the day students were required to use the evidence they had gathered in workbooks to work out who had committed the crime.


The following 30 minute sessions took place during periods 1 – 4:




Crime scene analysis


Microscope analysis of pollen & hair


Flame testing poison


Footprint & fingerprint lifting


Chromatography of ink


Soil pH testing


E-fit  (ultimate flashface)



Students worked in form groups and received a personalised timetable to follow on the day.


We received support on the day from Andy Hargreaves who is Deputy Divisional Science Manager at Wigan and Leigh College. Andy assisted session throughout the day by offering extra advice to students. During period 5 he delivered a 30 minute interactive presentation regarding the context of Forensic Science, performed some practical demonstrations and also spoke briefly about possible career pathways into forensic science.

Manchester Metropolitan University offered their support by loaning us 10 professional microscopes and donating 2 footprint/lifting kits that we can keep in school for future events.



·         Did you enjoy the day?



No of Votes







Can you describe something that you enjoyed or found interesting about this day?


Summary of Comments:


Ø  “How to find finger prints”

Ø  “I enjoyed the crime scene”

Ø  “I learned about chromatography”

Ø  “It was exciting learning about CSI”

Ø  “I have enjoyed working out the finger prints”

Ø  “I enjoyed doing the practicals”

Ø  “I enjoyed the concept of solving a murder and the poison testing”

Ø  “I have learned that touching something leaves a trace”

Ø  “I learnt how to identify someone from their finger prints and shoe prints”


·         Would you recommend CSI Day to other students?



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  • Do you have any other comments to make about CSI day?
  • “It was very fun and I wish we could do it again”
  • “It was fun and learnt new things”
  • “It was awesome!”
  • “It was the best day ever”
  • “I recommend CSI day to other years and schools”

Year 8 CSI Day


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