Year 7 - Museum of Science and Industry (National Science Week)

On Wednesday 16th March all Year 7 attended an enrichment trip to the Museum of Science and Industry as part of National Science Week.

Whilst at the museum students toured the exhibitions in form groups and enjoyed watching a film in the unique 4D cinema. Along with the museums exhibitions, specially arranged science week experiments were available for students to take part in.


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 Q1. Did you enjoy the trip to the Museum of Science & Industry?


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Q2. Can you describe TWO things that you enjoyed or found interesting about this trip?

  • “I liked the experiment room with the bubble sheet”
  • “I found the air and space very interesting”
  • “The trip was very interesting. I learned a lot at the museum”
  • “All the different facts and interesting items from around the world”
  • “The 4D Cinema was a great opportunity and it was really fun”
  • “The 4D Theatre”
  • “It was awesome because there was lots of stuff to do”
  • “It was extremely educational and fun at the same time”
  • “The experiment zone was interesting”


Q3. Is there anything that could have been better?

  • “There should have been more activities to do”
  • “If we had more time in each area”
  • “Maybe the booklet could have been better so we go and find more information”
  • “A better place to eat lunch – it was too cramped”
  • “Spend more time in the sections”
  • “Go round with your friends rather than your form”


Q5. Would you recommend this trip to other students?


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Year 7 MOSI Trip

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