Year 11 – Mock Interview & Careers Day

The Year 11 “Mock Interview & Careers” day took place on Friday 21st October 2016. During the day each Year 11 student followed a personalised timetable which was designed to give them the best experience and opportunity to gain information from careers related workshops, motivational workshops and also mock job interviews with local business professionals and colleges.

The sessions that students attended were:



Manchester Metropolitan University – “College Life”

What is it like to go to College? How can I get a place at University? How will it help me achieve the career I really want?


Wigan Council Skills Team– Apprenticeships/Future Employment

Discover what apprenticeships are available to you and find out more about the jobs that are out there.


Transformation Trust - The Career Journey


Transformation Trust - Self Confidence


Mock Interviews with Local Employers, Organisations and Other Professionals

Remember to “sell yourself” and be dressed to impress – First impressions count!



To maximise the student’s experience of the day, they were required to come to school dressed appropriately for an interview.

Prior to the day students completed a mock job application form during registration which included details about work experience, hobbies and a personal statement about their personality and their future aspirations.

What went well?

  • Students followed a personalised timetable which reflected their future aspirations.
  • The format of having 4 mock interviews gave students a broader experience.
  • Students were linked to an interviewer from an industry they had an interest in.
  • Students reported good feedback from the sessions


Number of feedback forms completed: 116

Did you enjoy the day?

Yes 100
No 0




How did you feel whilst completing your interview form?

The top 3 responses:

  1. I enjoyed completing it
  2. It gave me experience of how to complete and application form.
  3. I found it hard to write about myself.


Has this day successfully informed you about what options are available to you when you leave Westleigh High School?

Yes 98
No 0
Not Sure 2

Would you recommend this day to other students?

Yes 99
No 1

Year 11 – Mock Interview & Careers Day

Page updated: 24/05/2016