Assertive Mentoring at Westleigh High School

Assertive mentoring is a targeted approach to mentoring at Westleigh. It is a targeted approach – encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their learning, and achieve their maximum potential.

We actively support pupils in becoming independent and confident learners, working on the 5Rs – Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Reasoning, Resilience and Reflection.

Pupils and their mentors have regular meetings with the most up to date information from teaching staff.

  • Achievements and success are acknowledged
  • Potential areas of concern are discussed.
  • Intervention strategies agreed and put in place.
  • Pupils actively create their own learning plan – they address weaknesses and improve  their  independent learning skills.
  • Regular follow up to ensure pupils are achieving targets set.
  • Review targets and set new ones.


Success is the only option


Mentors continue to provide ……….

  • Time, space and a listening ear to help resolve problems that are affecting learning
  • Support pupils with behavioural, motivational or attendance issues
  • Use of computers and resources
  • Support with organisation and study skills and revision techniques
  • Guidance/promotion of other services available e.g. Careers Advisor
  • Support with college applications
  • Liaison with parents, staff, other professionals

The times we are available outside of lessons

Mon- Fri    7.45am to 8.05am Homework Coursework and Study Club
Mon -Thu 1.05 pm to 1.40pm Open to those who need time and space


‘Working together to support your child achieve their full potential’

Page updated: 16/12/2015